Quark: “No bitterness among customers.”

Macworld Magazine, cover date September 2003, from letters to the editor: Congratulations to Pamela Pfiffner for delivering the most amazing scoop I’ve ever seen in Macworld: Quark is committed to its customers and giving them what they want (”The World According to Quark,” June 2003)...

2 thoughts on “Quark: “No bitterness among customers.””

  1. So, you’re a “blurker” these days: One who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves such as comments behind; a silent observer of blogs (Blog Glossary: Blurker).

    Many discussions and threads have been generated about commenting on people’s blogs. The truth is that the minute we enable that feature on an online journal, we are expecting people to give us feedback. I used to say that I really didn’t care for comments, but the truth is… I do! Not because of popularity, but because as humans we always expect to be heard when we have something to say 🙂

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