2 thoughts on “Quark a no-show at HOW?”

  1. I love Trading Spaces! I find myself thinking “Darn! I should tape some episodes and get some ideas for my own house”. The show is quite amazing, although I have to admit that sometimes I wantto scream with what some designers come up with. Did you see last night? How Hildy totally trashed that bathroom with artificial flowers? Well, I didn’t like it… he he! And don’t ask me about Doug, he’s too excentric for my taste. I’ll go with the very classic Laurie and Vern, and sometimes with Gen’s kicks 😉 Ok, I rambled a lot.

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog!! I like it when I find a good read!

  2. Bea:

    Thanks for the comment! Yours is the first. The site just went live last night—I couldn’t resist posting while I tweaked Greymatter, thus the multiple pre-launch posts :-).

    I didn’t see the bathroom episode yet. They’ll rerun it today I hope. I had a feeling, though, watching the previews for it, that Hildy would screw it up. Very rarely have I (or the homeowners) liked Hildy’s handiwork.

    Doug’s got some wild ideas… That boxcar bedroom motif he did a while back was interesting aestheticly, but I couldn’t see myself (or most other people) actually sleeping in it. He’s not as extreme as that one designer on BBC’s Changing Rooms who is obsessed with turning every room he does into what he calls “sexy” and I characterize as bordello-esque.

    Laurie and Vern are two designers with good taste. What’s more, they listen to what the homeowners want.

    I could ramble about Trading Spaces all day, but I shouldn’t. 🙂 Thanks again for posting!

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