2 thoughts on “Newest Quark Defectors Are Big Names”

  1. You really need to get out more.

    But I will bite.

    1. Black for me.

    2. Given the choice of plaid or stripes? full on naked.

    3. I have yet to see a hard cover porno mag.

    4. B&W printer is fine by me too. I can color the stuff on my own when I get bored.

    5. I try not to listen to main stream crap. So what does that classify as?

    6. I only get those 2 choices? What is this? a Family show?

    7. Doesn’t matter. It’s mine, and I will wash it for as long and fast as I want to.

    8. Depends on how much I have had to drink. Or I could answer it like this. I am a retail sales master( 200+ percent of quota monthly) who hates people.

    9. To lazy to pick up the phone even if I am “screening”

    10. I dont have either. Does that make me bad?

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