4 thoughts on “Instant Image Catalog Generation For Quark & InDesign”

  1. Things are not that well on this side of the planet either. My webhost seems to have major issues with the server where my account is located and I’m really annoyed now. I had faith in them when they told me they were taking care of things, but now I just don’t know… I will have to move 😛 Annoying! I hope you can conciliate with the darn browser! LOL

  2. Yeah,
    I sure sympathizw with you concerning the Opera, fastest browser on earth, piece of hype. I’m using 7.23 only becasue ~S~Fravia+ over at ‘searchlore’ recommends it so very highly. Well, since he is an old cracker and friend of +orc I keep thinking he knows. Now I think he knows not! Had a bad experience with Firefox, too, itsa pig! Strange that Gmail’s ‘extras’ aren’t available in Opera either! Ah well…

    I did try the new 8.01, as well, but found it to be a skank too. Fortunately I can hack through the meat so I don’t need to buy this piece of over hyped crudware cum bloatware. So I’ll still be looking for a browser that doesn’t use the IE engine and that really works and tha5t allows me to use the Gmail extras. Oh joy… looks like we’ll be on Marcab before that dream is ever realised. At least in this lifetime…

    Good luck…I like your site and if it hadn’t have been for “Opera sucks” I’d never havee google stomped it. Thanks

  3. Lately I’ve been using Maxthon quite a bit. Granted, Maxthon runs atop the IE engine (yes, I’m aware of the drawbacks of IE), but includes a faster, more convenient implementation of tabbed browsing than FireFox, as well as a cornucopia of plugins and side-bar panels that afford extreme convenience.

    Naturally, I keep the last couple of versions of all browsers installed for testing–FireFox, Netscape, Opera, and, on the Mac, Safari, IE, FireFox, and Netscape.

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