4 thoughts on “BBC Magazines Migrates to Adobe InDesign”

  1. Well, that was disturbing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many references to personal anatomy in a business letter. I doubt it had it’s intended effect though. If the NTL people are anything like the folks at my old office, they kept the letter for entertainment on slow days or maybe even framed it.

  2. Who wrote the original letter, I wonder? I can remember roaring with laughter at this at least 4 years ago… and the writer appears to be British – see spelling, use of language, tone, style, etc… You’re American, surely? While I’m sure the letter expresses your opinions on incompetent, indifferent technical support, you sure as hell didn’t write this doozy.

  3. Oh, no. I didn’t write what I quoted above. If I recall, the original letter was one of those passed around by tech support agents (I was a trainer to tech support at a software company when I wrote this post).

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