Macworld Snubs InDesign CS, Awards “Most Improved Page-Layout Program” Eddy To Quark

Macworld's bias against Adobe is as egregious as it is blatant. Photoshop and After Effects, two Adobe point products squarely targeted in Apple's cross-hairs, were ignored for Eddys where they clearly deserved them. But no where is the anti-Adobe bias at Macworld more evident than in the ludicris rejection of InDesign for Most Improved Page-Layout Program.

InDesign CS Bible Made In Quark

InDesign CS Bible by Galen Gruman made with QuarkConsidered one of the most comprehensive references for InDesign CS, the fact that Gruman's Adobe InDesign CS Bible was built in Quark, however it came to be, is terribly embarrassing for Wiley Publishing, Inc., for Galen Gruman, and, most of all, for Adobe. Not only does Adobe make InDesign, but its Technical and Expert Support departments officially endorse the Adobe InDesign CS Bible, recommending it to Adobe customers.